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Copious Consulting provides results-driven branding and social media marketing services through dynamic multi-platform visual and written content. We work closely with our clients to develop their “voice,” integrating social media as an essential business practice that’s geared towards success, but which consistently acknowledges the core pillars of their brand philosophies and who they are as a company.

In a digitally-led, experience-driven economy, clients engage us to help them envision and create their future. Each social media channel has its own unique, built-in audience, and understanding how users interact on various platforms is what transforms ordinary brands into socially powered brands. We take a 360-degree approach to tell the story of your brand through multi-platform social media content by crafting conversations, directing dialogue, and cultivating communities with the understanding that intangibles such as credibility, trust, and public perception are paramount to a company’s long-term success.

When you’re focused on running your business, social media marketing can feel like a daunting, time-consuming task—especially when you don’t have a dedicated in-house graphic design and copywriting team on staff. It 
requires a tremendous amount of focus and exceptional content creation to captivate and engage your potential clients, so let us do the hard work for you! We create social media marketing content and campaigns that drive business growth. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive program that includes day-to-day management of your social media accounts, supplemental content creation, or a complete overhaul of your digital presence and a new website, we will ignite your brand through compelling content that tells an authentic story that will resonate with consumers.

Why is Copious better than other agencies? Because we combine the collective professional industry experience and capabilities of our diverse team to elevate your brand. As a boutique agency, we consistently communicate with our clients, believing that transparency in dialogue adds that necessary personal touch that results in the best possible social media content. From the very start, we hone in on the heart of your brand to come up with a distinctive strategy that’s uniquely yours, and then we implement effective strategies which are supported by analytics that show a return on investment (ROI).


Increase your brand’s reach with a social media strategy that ties directly to your business goals. We offer strategic, customized marketing services and execution that accelerate the growth of your brand, including advertising on key social media platforms to increase exposure.


Strong social media ROI comes from exceptional content creation and content sharing. We provide exceptional multi-platform visual and editorial content required by every business to help elevate and promote their brand.


Transform your brand identity with authentic social media connections. Our social media management services organically facilitate conversations between brands and consumers. We pay attention to the effectiveness of our campaigns through analytics, measuring your share of the voice against the full spectrum of the greater audience.

We love to collaborate with ambitious brands and people, so please reach out if you would like to build something great together! 


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At this year’s long-awaited Met Gala, stars stunned in head-turning gowns–as per usual. However, celebrities brought just as much of their A-game when it came to accessorizing themselves.

Read “Jewelry that Lit up the 2021 Met Gala” on at

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Beginning September 17, the group exhibition “BYND LMTS” opens to the public at RPAC Gallery in Ridgefield, Connecticut featuring works by Larry Stewart, Roddy Wildeman, Robert Peterson, Ronnie Rob, Leigh Brooklyn, Ani and Andrew Abakumovs, Heather Haynes, Gregg Emery, Will Woodrow, Fernando DaSilva, Gail Buggy, Udo Spreitzenbarth, Gregory Saint Amand, Alissa Cahillane, Daniel Wade Barrett, Charles Gulbrandsen, and Meredith Mulhearn.

Co-curated by artist Guy Stanley Philoche and gallerist Dee Dee Perrone Colabella, the show features an impressive roster of artists selected from The Philoche Collection, which is Philoche’s private collection purchased from fellow artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as several works created by Philoche himself.

Philoche’s praxis of acquiring and promoting work by other artists for each of his own works sold nobly pays it forward, forwarding the success of not only of the artists he collects, but the value of his collection on the whole.

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Copious Consulting would like to welcome our newest and extremely talented client, Sam Tufnell, to our incredible roster.


“At this stage, I’m completely unabashed in my use of materials and processes. I don’t allow myself any restrictions due to some aesthetic concept that sounds impressive on paper. The studio is not a place for timidity. However, I also no longer rush to finish. A work is never really complete until it’s left my possession. I believe that a truly great work of art involves a passage of time in the artist’s thinking,” says Sam Tufnell.

“I want the viewer to experience a sense of freshness when dealing with familiar imagery. Art has the ability to break down profound misconceptions and I want the viewer to experience the same revelry that I do in the studio when I find something new.”

Art by Sam Tufnell
Installation presented by IV Gallery
Volta, NYC (2020)


Will Cook’s love affair with photography began in the early 80s. He first photographed subjects using B&W film, and developed images in a darkroom built by his older brother. While Cook enjoys more traditional styles of photography, his passion transcends when he is creating long exposure photographs, with particular emphasis on “Night-scapes” and light painting photography.

He uses various tools, such as flashlights, fiber optic brushes, or flames to transform still photography into artistic masterpieces. People have often stated that Cook’s photographs look like paintings. Cook's work has appeared in numerous publications, galleries, and businesses. In addition to doing commission work, Cook loves sharing his extensive knowledge by teaching others. He loves to empower up-and-coming photographers, through both 1:1 and small group instruction. Cook resides in Mt. Kisco, NY. Aside from being a professional photographer, he is also a Licensed Psychotherapist. This photograph, "Bent," was created through the magic of macro photography. Shot at a close distance, the water drops were frozen in mid-flight via an off camera flash. A silver colored reflector was placed behind the bowl to create the cool, silver hue.

His work can be seen in person at the RPAC Gallery, or on our website at

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Laura Jane Petelko's "Endless Gone" series is an ongoing sequence of large-scale, Plexi-mounted photographs. The Toronto-based artist began an emotional exploration in photography following a personal crisis where she was threatened with permanent blindness. Therefore, the series hones in on the viewer's sensory perspective by stripping down the photographs to the essentials of light, color, and movement. The achieved effect is to provide the sense of distance that is often associated with memory.

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Copious Consulting would like to welcome the newest addition to our family, Michael Ranfone High-Performance Coach & Consultant.

"When it comes to understanding what is going on inside your body, blood + DNA is a powerful one-two punch. Ranfone Performance Consulting is proud to merge our collective successes as Coaches, Health, Wellness, and Fitness Experts, as well as experienced Physicians, in order to develop advanced Programs customized for YOU. The same level of quality, the same motivation and support, but with an additional technologically aspect of BIOCHEMISTRY. The best thing is, the Program is all done virtually."

—Michael Ranfone

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RPAC Resident Artist Steve Liker has been painting for over 40 years. His professional career has taken him across the globe (over 35 countries), which has been a key contributor to his perspective on art and design. In addition to Connecticut, Steve's work has been exhibited in New York and England.

"I study the impact of color, light, reflection, and shadow as integral parts of the scene. I use color and light to define the interplay of forms. My painting begins with a tinted canvas onto which I build light as well as dark. I draw with the paint, and my primary concern is to balance the abstract elements of color and composition before I focus on the details which make the forms recognizable. My work is a loose realism with a touch of impressionism. I have always been intrigued by Monet’s use of dark and shadows to accentuate the light and the forms," he says.

Liker's work can be seen in person at the RPAC Gallery, or on our website at
“Just Being Koi”
Art by Steve Liker
Size: 36 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

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Others may deter you from your path because it infringes on someone else’s path. Understand and trust they can adjust their narrative if it’s important to them. Or they may feel you’re at risk of a misstep, and they want to rescue you from that potentiality in advance. Remember, you are authoring your authentic story. Be careful, and don’t let supporting characters revise your story..


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Congratulations to our talented client, SUDEN PR, for winning two GOLD STEVIE® Awards in the 2021 International Business Awards® in the categories of "Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Arts & Entertainment" and "Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Media Relations."

The awards honor the work Suden PR has done with artist and philanthropist, Guy Stanley Philoche surrounding his generous support of other artists amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The inspiration behind Chopard’s 2021 Red Carpet Collection is "Paradise" and the lush nature of the mythological or real places populates designer Caroline Scheufele’s fantasy repertoire. The creations stem from a creative universe whose texture and density unfold in this dazzling high jewelery collection.

Each piece of jewelry is brought to life by Chopard's extraordinary Artisans who use goldsmithing and gem-setting craftsmanship to express the dreamy richness of this fabulous theatre of dreams. This year, recreating a Garden of Eden, the 74 creations – in honor of the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, are adorned with diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and more, set into gold that’s crafted in the shape of delightful mystical creatures and verdant flora.


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