Copious Consulting Services

Copious Consulting is a boutique agency that takes a 360-degree approach to telling the story of your brand. We craft conversations, direct dialogue, and cultivate communities by developing a cohesive tone of voice that best reflects your brand’s personality and message, going beyond initial customer connection towards retention, and advocacy. We offer multi-platform strategies that guarantee results.


Content Creation

o Writing and Editing (Newsletters, Op-Eds, Blog Posts)

o Blogger/Influencer partnerships

o Production of multimedia projects: Photo, Video, Audio 


Social Media Platforms - Set-up and Management 

o Facebook

o Twitter

o Instagram

o Pinterest

o LinkedIn 

o Tumblr

o YouTube 


Success Reporting / Analytics 

o Measuring ROI on monthly traffic 

o Digital Advertising 

o Competitive Analysis of other brands 


Public Relations and Event Planning Services

o Product Launches

o Press Releases 

o Trade Shows 


Workshops / Training

o Training your staff on best social media practices

o How to improve SEO

o How to navigate the different platforms

o Personal Style & Branding: Your brand extends into your personal style. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to look like a boss, an actor trying to land a major part, or all business in a suit, we’ll re-work your look so that you leave the best impression possible.