“Solidifying and unifying mass communication efforts to tell the story of a brand through multi-platform content is the key to everything.”

COPIOUS founder Andrea Grant is a digital and editorial wizard with a background in corporate, start-up and consulting environments at the convergence of publishing, advertising, and emerging media.  After launching  Copious Amounts Press,  a boutique publishing company, she went on to spearhead various digital projects, enlisting a diverse roster of talented collaborators to guarantee unique client experiences in the multimedia landscape.

In addition to extensive writing, editorial, and production experience with a strong focus on fashion, beauty, arts, and culture, Andrea has a proven success record for developing  social strategies, media projects, and creative content for various Fortune 500 brands.

Her personal projects consist of hundreds of essays, poetry, and photographs published  internationally.  She’s the author of a graphic novel series called MINX, which merges Native American mythology with contemporary fantasy, a web comic called Ready to Where, and a poetry collection entitled The Pin-Up Poet.